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About our Conference

The Babywearing Conference is an annual conference that takes place every year in Washington, DC. It’s an educational and fun event where parents, educators, and business owners come together to discuss different topics on baby clothing, health, safety, and many more.

AmyAmy Conn, our Founder and Promoter, organized our first conference in 2006. This year, on January 5th, we’ll be hosting our 9th event, having close to 1500 people registered to attend and 13 sponsors (so far!).

Although, we have speakers and seminars in many areas related to babies and parenting, this year we’re going to be especially focused on dental health. Throughout the years, we’ve had numerous parents come to us and ask for more information on dentistry and oral hygiene, so that’s exactly what we’re giving them this year.

We’re going to bring well-renowned dentists from the entire country, to talk about very specific topics on baby dental health. We’re very excited for this year’s conference in our capital, Washington, DC.

So who should attend BabywearingConference.org 2015?

We’ve got people flying in from Peru, Japan, Australia and more for this. It is going to be amazing. If you’re part of one of these groups you’re going to have a great time at our conference…

New babywearers

Are you a parent of a baby or infant and just want to learn better ways of being able to meet your baby’s needs while still getting stuff done? Do you care for multiple children and often wish you had an extra pair of arms? While you will find interesting classes throughout the conference that will help you be a better parent.

Experienced babywearers

Do you want to improve your skills or maybe take the next step into education and helping your children grow as human beings? Or maybe you just want a chance to meet the maker of your favorite carrier… BC 2015 is for you. The best companies in our industry will be present at the conference, so will thousands of other parents you can meet and exchange ideas with.


Want to find new products to carry or find out how to set yourself apart from the pack? Talk to others about how to expand your local business or build your website? You’ll have lots of chances all weekend long to meet manufacturers, distributors and educators from around the United States.

Babywearing educators

Want tips and techniques for teaching? Building client bases and getting the word out? How to balance advocacy and having people value your time and effort?

Pretty much everyone can take something from our conference, even if it’s just the entertainment and networking. We hope to see you very soon.

Recent News

Do you know what the order of birth of baby teeth is?

We’re very close to our big conference this year, and since we’re going to be heavily discussing the oral health of the baby, we figured we’d start giving you some real, valuable content related to the topics that we’ll be covering at the conference. Thank you to Dr. Mark Civin, a dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, for taking the time to interview with us and supply us with this information.

The birth of the first tooth of a baby is an event that a parent never forgets. It can usually appear at around six months of birth and coincide with changes in diet.

Milk teeth are very important for several reasons:

  • baby teeth assist in child feeding
  • speech development
  • development of facial bones
  • child’s aesthetic.

Milk teeth of the baby

There are babies that are born with a tooth. However, some might have to wait up to 12 months to see the first one come out. Parents should watch out for teething babies and inform the pediatrician of any changes in their baby’s mouth.


When do they start to appear?

Usually the first teeth appear to the age of 6 months. The first baby teeth are called lower central incisor. It’s not too hard to see when your child’s teeth will appear, the first sign is to repair the gums, and it gets swollen and red. In these situations, the baby will usually produce a lot more saliva and start to bite whatever he/she can.


At 3 years old, in general, the child will already have 20 milk teeth. 10 teeth from the upper jaw and 10 teeth from lower jaw.

Order of appearance of milk teeth

Lower incisors: Between 5 and 12 months.

Upper teeth: Between 7 and 10 months.

Upper and lower lateral teeth: Between 9 and 12 months

First upper and lower molars: Between 12 and 18 months.

Upper and lower canines: Between 18 and 24 months.

Lower second molars: Between 24 and 30 months.

We hope this short guides helps you now or in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our conference this year.

Dental health and oral hygiene are the main topics for this year’s conference.

Last year we surveyed the 2000 parents that participated on Babywearing Conference 2014 and when asked about the main topics that they’d like to see covered this year, dental health and oral hygiene were at the top of the list. Over 400 parents voted these 2 topics as the ones that they’d like to see more discussion about.

They showed particular interest in these areas due to the lack of knowledge and in-depth understanding about the exact types of foods that are prejudicial to their children’s teeth and oral hygiene. They’re naturally concerned about their babies’ health, particularly when it comes to eating habits.

Here are some of the experts and speakers in the dental field that are coming to our event:

Dr. Tuan Foust

Dr. Foust has close to 30 years of experience in the dental and medical field, having graduate from the American University of Dentistry in 1980. He’s a lecturer at the university he graduated from and runs his own practice in Washington, DC.

Emory Tejera

Mr. Tejera is the head of the American Society of Baby Dentistry. After his 45 year career in the medicine field, he was appointed the director of this non-for-profit organization that tries to help parents and their children through their growth process, with special interest in their dental and oral health.

Dr. Barabara Proehl

Dr. Proehl has worked with young children since she turned 14 and helped her father at his pediatric center in Chicago. She fell in love with her father’s practice and decided to pursue Pediatric Studies in Chicago. Proehl now runs her own pediatric clinic where 600 children receive support every year.

We have 2 other experts in this field that have already agreed to join our conference, but they’ll remain a surprise until the day of the conference. We’re only interest in bringing the best of the best to our annual conference.